What We Value

Hunger for Knowledge
We don’t know everything, in fact we wish we knew more. We do know... people are more apt to learn what they discover for themselves than they are from what others tell them. Where opportunities for learning abound, whether by higher education or capitalizing on life’s experiences, we value IT.

We believe knowledge is a key to both personal and professional growth. We don’t foresee being omnipotent anytime soon, but the never-ending pursuit of knowledge is a key foundation to enhancing our business through bettering ourselves.

Endless Appreciation
We are immensely blessed; partners, team members and endless opportunities are just a few of the things we are grateful for. Expressions of appreciation are contagious. Some might call it The Law of Reciprocity, others say, “What goes around comes around.”

When appreciation is genuine and delivered on a personal level, people feel a sense of value. When we feel valued, most often we have an increased sense of enthusiasm and a heightened level of engagement, serving as a catalyst to accomplishments not previously imagined.

We is Better than Me
1+1 = 4. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Select any teamwork cliché of your choice, the fact remains, teamwork generates synergy and synergy creates excitement. Teamwork is collaboration, support, sharing, knowledge, understanding, ideas, feelings, communication, respect and work.

Our thoughts can be conveyed by Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s, who said, “No one of us is more important than the rest of us.” We believe in one another. Collectively we accomplish what is unattainable individually.

Keep the Glass Half Full
We choose to see the good, even though we may not always choose our circumstances. Society conditions us to look at the negative, but we view this as an opportunity to buck the trend and let our positivity be the medium for good. We enjoy our work!

The right attitude serves as a habit inducing multiplier of happiness. We strive to view obstacles as opportunities and contention as reason to show kindness. With proper perspective, the future will always look bright.

Keep your Balance
Balance isn’t something one stumbles upon (pun intended), it’s a manifestation of priorities in life. We believe true happiness can only happen when we nurture all aspects of our life (spiritual, physical, mental and emotional).

We are serious about our business without being serious about ourselves. We seek to have fun and enjoy life’s journey.

Dare to Think
If we don’t feel we have a voice, or believe we can make a difference, we can’t! Today’s accomplishments will always be tomorrow’s opportunities. We embrace a culture of soliciting resourceful, innovative, creative and economical ideas from our entire team to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry with ingenious solutions.

When we break down boundaries and get outside our comfort zones, the potential of our creative genius has air to breathe. We take the challenge to think, therefore we prepare ourselves for the successes of the future.

Chart an Adaptable Course
Pilots must always adjust their heading to compensate for wind. There is no autopilot to success. We can’t change the fork in the road (challenges and adversity), but we can have a plan for when they turn up. We believe true progress is made when we embrace those obstacles by being strategic, analytical and always adaptable to change.

Life doesn’t always offer a mulligan; we take full advantage of each opportunity to learn in charting our course to prosperity.

Do Right
Common sense can sometimes seem so foreign. We like to keep it simple. Some refer to “The Golden Rule” and others call it integrity, accountability, ethics or honesty. We do right because it is right–it’s who we are. We like to ask ourselves, how would I want “me” to act if I was someone else?

Our relationships have always meant more to us than a sale or opportunity. We know we’ll achieve only what we assist others in achieving.

Quality. Live It.
The word “quality” is often overused and rarely defined, but what is it? To us it’s more than a word. We define quality to be the value received from all we do, provide and say. Quality is never a coincidence; it is however, the result of a dedicated effort in providing skillful execution, intelligent direction and ultimately top-notch products.

Our aim to ensure quality in the eyes of others is always a reflection of our commitment to excellence, regardless of the endeavor. The quality we provide will always be an expression of the standards we live.

Live to Serve
Our business is so much more than snacks. Our core was established on the legacy of service laid by our founders and is carried forward through each of our team member’s contributions. Every team member is offered time to be dedicated to the service of others, making a difference by spreading meaningful joy.

We find the greatest happiness in serving others over self. Service is a virtue. We seek out endeavors to be a positive influence to our team members, partners, community and environment.