Why Lehi Valley?

Win-win partnerships built on integrity, trust and value to fulfill your snack food wants and needs.

We provide cost effective snack solutions, variety and quality crafted products to meet the vast needs of any retailer or demographic. Our people are the keystone to ensuring our products and solutions better the lives of all those we serve by establishing value that far exceeds any associated cost.

Cost Effective Solutions

Since 1985 we have been a single point of contact to service your entire snack food category needs via the benefits and value created by store branding, private labeling and package design, 700+ quality products packed fresh to order, advanced manufacturing capabilities and low quantity minimums. We strive for tailored solutions to always meet your needs.


• Our diverse product offering is inclusive of over 600 of the highest quality dried fruits, granolas, nuggets, nuts & seeds, popcorns and trail mixes, among many other snack items.

• Our sales team has relevant experience serving many demographics catering to grocery retailers, gift shops, gift basket companies, specialty stores, farmer’s markets, food service providers, distributors, co-packers and online retailers alike to create and execute on your desires.

• Our manufacturing and packaging facilities are uniquely designed to effectively service independent and national retailers alike.

Product Quality

• We source the highest grade of raw ingredients (i.e. Grade A nuts, non-GMO popcorn, etc.) to manufacture products that truly stand out in taste and appearance.

• Orders are packed fresh to order for maximum shelf life and freshness.

• Small batch manufacturing of many items to retain artisan recipes and hand-crafted quality.

• Full HACCP Food Safety program on all manufacturing processes.

• Quality Control Team to ensure quality standards are maintained.

• Frequent 3rd party Food Safety audits.

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Enhance Customer Loyalty

Lehi Valley is strategically positioned to take your name and brand to new heights with a full scale private label program backed by 700+ quality manufactured items.

Recent trends and market research show that consumers are increasingly switching from national branded product lines to store branded lines. The PLMA (Private Label Manufacturing Association) reports, “…most consumers see no difference between private label and national brands.” In a GfK study, half the respondents had switched to the store brand in categories where they had previously only bought a national brand. Nine of ten who switched compared store brands favorably to their previous national brand choice. Mintel reports that, “The lack of perceived difference can be attributed, in part, to the fact that many retailers have introduced premium private label products that rival their branded counterparts in flavor and nutritional value, as well as packaging design and shelf placement.”

To the consumer, private-labeling and store branding represent an everyday economical option and opportunity to purchase superior quality items at a considerable cost savings.

Our private label/store brand program leverages your good name/store brand in maximizing the following benefits:

Brand Loyalty–Superior quality private-labeled products offer true differentiation from competitors. Store brands are increasingly recognized as higher quality and taste in comparison to national branded goods.

Customer Loyalty–The ability to offer your customer a unique product with unparalleled quality provides value, resulting in enhanced related and repeat sales.

Increased Margins–Private labeling allows for more value passed on to consumers due to cost savings made in comparison to national brands which must cover national advertising and marketing campaign expenses.

Pricing Flexibility–A unique product allows for pricing and promotional flexibility not feasible when pricing a national product with widely followed MSRPs. This allows greater freedom to achieve increased margins.

Differentiation–Private labeling offers the unique ability to source multiple unique products and feature them under the same private label or store brand. This offers a competitive advantage against national brands who cannot build a custom product offering. Lehi Valley offers over 700 items across multiple product categories.

Inventory Control–With private labeled products you are able to utilize low minimums and lessen the financial commitment to back-stock inventories.

Competition–Private-labeling offers your private or store brand no 100% duplicated or identically labeled or packaged product in the industry.

Labeling and Packaging–Private-labeling or Store branding allows for the label and package design to be consistent with specific store branding specifications and style directions. Every retailer has a unique identity that can be incorporated into the branding of any product, reflecting established marketable identities. Customization is not an option with any national brand, allowing full creative control in advertising and marketing.

Product Quality–Private-labeling allows for the ability to source a higher quality, better tasting alternative product in comparison to national staple items. The value and differentiation to consumers comes from the ability to offer specialty food items, consisting of superior ingredients manufactured in artisanal small batches at a SRP competitive to any national brand.

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Quality You Can Taste

Packaging sells, products tell. While packaging certainly garnishes the first impression, the quality, ingredients and taste will always be supreme. Product quality is the driving force behind a consumer’s perception and ultimate decision to make a repeat purchase.

Product quality has long been a differentiating benefit of Lehi Valley products. From our beginnings we have packed each item fresh to order. As food safety regulations have increased our dedication to providing the highest quality product has remained the same. We follow the FDA’s strict food safety guidelines with precision and back our fine products with full Food Safety (HACCP) programs managed and maintained by an on-site certified HACCP Food Safety Manager. 3rd party audits are a regular occurrence.

How can you taste the difference? Simple–try our products. As a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of snack foods please view a brief synopsis of many of our products below.

Brittle–Every small batch of our all-original buttery crisp brittle varieties begin in a copper kettle and are then hand-stretched and cooled to hard crack on a marble slab table.

Sweets–This amazing collection of confections and bulk candies includes chocolates, caramels, licorice, hard candies, sour candies, gummi candies, jelly candies, candied nuts, gum, yogurt and taffy.

Chocolate and Yogurt Covered–A rich, creamy and smooth texture is evident in each of our chocolate and yogurt drenched confections. The collection consists of many nut, fruit, pretzel and candy coated items.

Dried Fruit–Each of our dried fruit varieties is dried at the peak of its freshness resulting in a quality, plump and delicious product. Dried fruit is a perfect snack for those seeking a succulent, fruity flavor.

Granola–From the finest hearty rolled oats come two distinct varieties of gourmet granola: soft-baked and classic. Each blend is small-batch baked using select nuts, dried fruits and sweeteners that include cane juice, honey and agave.

Nostalgia–A yearning for the past inspires this classic collection that includes such favorites as Pixy Stix, Candy Necklaces, Big Cherry, Black Cow, Jujyfruits, Bit-O-Honey and Salt Water Taffy to name just a few.

Nuts & Seeds–Since 1987, nuts and seeds have been small-batch roasted-to-order in our roasting facilities. We take great pride in sourcing the finest “Grade A” nuts and seeds available.

Popcorn–Kettle, gourmet, savory, classic and candied popcorns all begin with thefinest non-GMO popping corn. Each variety is popped fresh to order in our popcorn facility.

Nuggets–Light and Crunchy hull-less puffs of corn are the foundation of our best-selling and famous “Nuggets.” Varieties include our original Gold Caramel Corn Nuggets®, Churro Nuggets and Spicy Cheese Nuggets.

Snack Items–Our snack food category is a catch-all for cravings. From wasabi peas to olives and mini pretzels to sesame sticks, this category offers the most variety.

Trail Mixes–Trail mixes have been a staple product since our beginning. All mixes are developed, created and mixed in our facilities. This line includes over 25 all-original mixes.

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