Our Brands

Our brands encompass a wide selection of market niches with products of superb quality and uniqueness. We continually develop new brands and products to suit our customer's needs.

A Unique Snacking Experience for the Millennial Generation

Millennials are forecasted to become America’s most powerful consumer bloc, outspending even Baby Boomers. And while they are more focused on healthy eating, they are still price conscious, so when it comes to buying food and non-food necessities, value is the key to their purchasing behavior.

Snackworthy® was created to meet this consumer need, and is a budget friendly line of quality snacks that are Simply Free From 100+ Unworthy Ingredients, all at a great retail price point of $1.99-$5.99. At Snackworthy® we believe just because you pay less, does not mean you should get less. That’s why you’ll find that many of our products offer additional nutritional benefits including Organic, Gluten-Free, Sodium Wise, Whole Grain and more!

Plus, our 69 sku product assortment includes many of the top snack categories regularly purchased by Millennials such as nuts, dried fruit, candy, chocolate, granola, and trail mix (all in an attractive packaging with bright/vibrant logo colors which will pop on-shelf and a kraft background that connotes natural/eco-friendly).

Double-Sided Spinner Rack with 6” Peg Hooks

• Small footprint (1.5 sq. ft. allows for multiple store formats)

16” wide base (1.5 sq. ft.), 59” tall (with header
graphic which is included), 14” wide grid with 1” on
center spacing

Bags Per Display
One display holds 216 uniform bags

Shipped in master cases of 6 boxes, 6 units per box

Call a Sales Representative for pallet pricing, samples and visit snackworthy.com to learn more.

The Amazingly Wondrous Nuggets®
The Amazingly Wondrous Nuggets® are a unique snack-form, a light and crispy corn puff of hulless proportions. Performing fantastic feats with buttery sweetness, these Nuggets are lightly coated with the richest, most decadent butter toffee on Earth!

Made with No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives: they're an Amazingly Wondrous indulgence!

Our "chew ON THIS™" nutritional program is utilized to convey all health attributes and benefits to the consumer. The Amazingly Wondrous Nuggets® is a Lehi Valley original brand.

Call a Sales Representative for pallet pricing, samples and visit nuggetsnacks.com to learn more.

Printed, stackable POP display available

Packed in a branded shipper box for an attractive display option.


High Valley Orchard®
Developed to represent the fresh, orchard, wholesome feeling of our vast product offering.

Click here to see all available High Valley Orchard® label options

Arizona Snack Company®
Originally developed and sold in and around the Grand Canyon National Park, this colorful line brings a flavor of the Southwest to any establishment.


Shell 'n All™ Fried Peanuts
Yep…your eyes aren't failing you, eat em' "Shell-n-All"! Much like every southern delicacy, this select peanut variety is deep fried to perfection with just the right amount of salt. Not much to it, once you get past knowing you're chowin down on a crunchy fiber loaded shell, you'll be droppin' tweets, status updates, or whatever else you do to spread the good snackin' news! Shell-n-All™ peanuts: Crunchier, Crispier, and Tastier!


Shell 'n All™ Fried Peanuts - Salted

Shell 'n All™ Fried Peanuts - Cajun

Shell 'n All™ Fried Peanuts - Hickory Smoked


Redneck Rations®
Camo colored butter toffee popcorn. It's so good y'all couldn't hit the ground if ya fell twice!

What Rednecks Are Saying:

"Them deer never saw me snackin'."
- Billy Bob

"I dropped some on my camo shirt, and then I couldn't find it."
- Darrill

"Finally, a snack made for people like me."
- Cletus

"A festival of colors for the eyes with sweet and butter notes for the palate"
- Willy